Steam Daily Deal for Thursday, 2/27/2014: Mass Effect 2

Humanity, or every other species, needs a leader against the Reapers. If you’re like me and you used the Unreal Engine to unwittingly make your Shepard an abomination, you will not get a clean slate here. It’s too late to go back. Time for several more hours of staring at your own god awful creation.

It’s horrible!

The consensus seems to be that you play Mass Effect for the story, not the gameplay. I don’t really mind either. If you like shooting aliens, or robots, or robot aliens, or maybe tossing them around with your mind, ENLIST, PRIVATE. The problem is this game is long and if you have a relatively long backlog it will most likely just take up space. Not really a jump in and play for an hour to get the full experience type of game.

Now if you loved the first one, you probably already bought this one. If you hated it, you might like this one better. There’s a lot more Lycra ass shots and British accents. You can also get a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. Or really whatever you want. Time to repopulate the galaxy!

Verdict: If you haven’t felt the burning desire to play it already, SKIP IT.

Steam Daily Deal for Wednesday, 2/26/2014: Orion: Dino Horde

Orion: Dino Beatdown Horde is a scifi FPS/dinosaur simulator released in 2012. As of this writing it is experiencing a free to play week and it is only $0.99 to purchase on Steam. The question, as always: is it worth it?

“Awesome fusion of Jurassic Park, Halo, and Killing Floor,” is what the opening title card promises. It’s a pretty apt description and if you like these things that’s a good sign. Clearly, Halo has borrowed a lot of its visual/graphical style from this game- everything has that strange glossy sheen and the vehicles look pretty familiar. Remember when all the PC gamers back in the day played the original Halo on Xbox and they didn’t get the big deal? “We’ve been playing better FPS for years,” they said. “This game looks just like ORION: Dino Horde without the dinosaurs!” they said.

The trailer boasts such glowing reviews as “The Metacritic score is misleading.” (It’s a 36.) “The game is awesome.” (Not true. Awesome underestimates this game. BADASS is more appropriate.) “Never seen a dev team fix update a game this much.” (That can’t be bad.) “Very proud of the developer.” (Mom?!) “It’s not buggy any more!” (We swear!)

Basically, you get some guns and you can fly around on a jetpack and there’s some fun vehicles to drive in large, colorful environments. From there it’s just circle strafing dinosaurs and running from the Trex.

Verdict: BUY. Absolutely. It is $0.99, and even if you play the game once and never try it again it is totally worth it. Also you can lightsaber a velociraptor in the face. Just drink water instead of a soda next time you are at Taco Bell.