Steam Daily Deal for Tuesday, 3/4/2014: Puddle

Puddle is an educational biology simulator that places you in the role of a glob of partially digested food falling through some unseen individual’s tract. This is physics, but physics made fun. It’s the Magic Schoolbus digestion episode!!! That one was everybody’s favorite.

The gameplay is physics puzzle based, but it revolves around gravity AND liquid. It is kind of similar to the liquid sections of Portal 2, minus the portals. Also it’s in 2d. But you’re still trying to get some stuff a flowin’. Then again, gameplay is also similar to what happens after you flush a toilet. Blobs drop and splash and slide and the goal is to get your puddle to the end of the level without having spilled too much. It’s like trying to get the full pint of beer to your lips after you’ve clearly had too many already. Some liquid is going to get spilled. But the real question is was it too much?

It’s really not a digestion simulator.

Anyways, the game’s pretty and the music is good and it’s also pretty fun. Starting price was 9.99 and it’s currently on sale for $3.39. If you love physics puzzlers, you should grab it. But if you feel kind of wishy-washy about tumbling fluid like I do, that price is a little steep. SKIP IT.

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