Steam Daily Deal for Wednesday, 3/5/2014: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord

Upon first look the art for this game, as well as the title, might lead you to believe this is some product placement tie-in of Ring Pops and a sequel to Secret of the Magic Crystal. You would be wrong, like I was, as usual. What you get is a new-age “retro” platformer. You can jump back and forth between good and bad worlds and you can either spin OR boost. It’s like a deconstructed spin dash from Sonic. These super difficult, old school style games are all the rage these days, and guaranteed, you’ve played something like it. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact it’s good!

This game kind of reminds me of Sonic actually, which is a game I loved but the were so pretty I wanted to go slow to see everything which is obviously the wrong way to play that game. You’re not quite going slow in this game but you have enough time to drink it all in. And it is in fact pretty. The music is also surprisingly badass. This is due to Swedish metal band Machinae Supremacy who use a Commodore 64 to make music, and Chris Huelsbeck who used to compose for the Commodore 64. Coincidence, I think not.

Anyways, Giana Sisters is a whopping $1.24. So if you like platformers you should do it. If you don’t you shouldn’t. Also, the biggest issue with this game is it showing up in your Steam community profile. If your friends haven’t heard of it they’ll probably give you shit. But screw them! Verdict: BUY IT.

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