Steam Daily Deal for Friday, 3/7/2014: Resident Evil Revelations

If I know anything about sequels, I do, slapping “Revelations” on the end of a title is usually a bad thing. See “Hellraiser: Revelations.” You might be asking yourself, “There’s eight Hellraiser movies? Why did you watch them all?” Yes, and I don’t know. There’s also Silent Hill Revelation, Children of the Corn Revelation, Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Prince of Persia Revelations, Myst IV Revelations. The list goes on. Probably.

Anyways, this game’s timeline takes place between games 4 and 5. It’s actually a Nintendo 3DS port. It takes a more survival horror approach then the past few games. Not so much the awkward tank-on-a-track-based movement of the first games, but more a limited ammo supply and a lot more walking around on a spooky ghost ship. It’s close to being a throwback. Can you keep Jill out of the Jill sandwich!

HD graphics could use a little work.

All in all it’s fine for a Resident Evil game. If you’re a big fan of the series you might as well get it. If you’ve somehow never played one before, this probably isn’t the place to start. It’s currently 75% off and $12.49 on Steam. Verdict: SKIP IT.

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