Steam Daily Deal for Monday, 3/10/2014: Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is an early release, still in development ARPG. I think that stands for “Almost Ready to Play Game,” but I’m not sure. There are three planned acts, with two of them being released thus far. The level cap is set at 35 and it seems to raise with each subsequent act release. Crate, the developers who have been pretty honest so far, expect 30-40 hours of gameplay from the first playthrough of the the final game. 

This game is evoking a lot of comparisons to Titan Quest, moreso than the comparisons to other ARPGs like Torchlight II or the Diablos. If you scan through user reviews you could slap a tag on this game that is somewhere along the lines of “Grim Dawn: It’s Like Titan Quest, and Better than Diablo III.” It doesn’t take the over the top approach like Torchlight II. Your character will definitely be more specialized, but you can also combine two classes when you hit level 12 and this provides some flexibility and uniqueness. It’s also grim. Very grim. It probably should have been called Grim Dusk. There’s nothing grim about the rising of the morning sun. Unless you’re a vampire. Which you aren’t.

There’s a couple ways to justify your purchase (all $20.09 of it) to yourself. The game is unfinished and it’s still in development. The devs are going to continue to release content, and they’ve made good on their word so far. So it’s really more of an investment than anything else, right? The only real gamble is that the multiplayer is currently MIA, although it’s due soon. But if you don’t like it when it comes out you are out of luck. If ARPGs are your bread and butter, this is a nice offering and you’ll get hours out of it now, and then when Act III comes out it’ll be just like you treated yourself to DLC. If you don’t like ARPGs then you will not like this game. Verdict: Buy It.

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