Steam Daily Deal for Tuesday, 3/11/2014: Sanctum

“Sanctum? I damn near killed ’em,” is what you might be saying to yourself after you play this game. No? Fine. Sanctum is a tower defense/FPS hybrid. That alone is a welcome change for the genre. Get it? It’s not top down. It’s First Person. The concept works the same. You get money or experience after each round and instead of just being able to upgrade your towers you can also upgrade your guns. Guns?? What??? Yeah, you’re knee deep in the dead in this one. You also build the level as you go along, to try and funnel the Zerg into a slaughterhouse-type situation.

This game is great though. It’s trial and error but in the best way possible. Like any tower defense, there’s work to be done before the first enemy hits the ground. The difference is once the action starts you get to run around and shoot the baddies.

You get to play as that hot ghost from Starcraft.

There is a sequel out. But the original appears to still be updated with new weapons and the like. More importantly, it’s only $0.99. The replay value is pretty high. It scales with the difficulty and it’s a pretty good time waster. The problem/asset of the game is that it is much, much better in co-op and not nearly as good single player. But at 99 cents you can convince one of your friends to buy it. Verdict: Buy It.

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