NBA 2K13 Executive Produced by Jay Z

NBA 2K13 was executive produced by Jay Z. This is a selling point for some reason because he used to own a small percentage of the Brooklyn Nets. Does this mean he knows about basketball? More importantly, how do we know he knows anything about video games? Let’s not worry about that now. Let’s just slap his name on the cover and see what happens. In fairness, allegedly he called Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen and told them to get in the game. ALLEGEDLY.

You might be saying to yourself, “But it’s 2K14!” Because it is. In the future, we refer to years in this century under the prefix 2K. It’s just easier this way, so get on board. However, famous movie star/TV personality Jay Z was not involved in the new, slightly spiffier, slightly poorer ported NBA 2K14. And that means no U2. Hooray! So if you’re just looking to shoot some virtual hoops this version should suit you just fine.

The Flying Lion!

Or you could just play an emulated version of NBA Jam. An emulated version that you download legally, because you have your own physical copy of the cartridge. But not the arcade version, where you tried to play for the first time and you only had enough quarters to decide between NBA Jam and its alluring, in-your-face graphics and screaming announcer or Virtua Cop. You picked NBA Jam, but then an older kid sidled up next to you and “here comes a new challenger,” whatever that means, and you were forced to leave the arcade due to the shamefulness and entirety of the domination you just experienced at his hand. Never again.  

Anyways, the game is currently at 66% off for $10.19. If you love basketball and sports games you could definitely get your money’s worth out of this. But depending on where you live you could go to an actual basketball game for this much money. The seats might suck, but still! I think in Milwaukee $10.19 gets you season tickets for the Bucks. So for that reason, the verdict: Skip it.

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