Counter Strike: Global Offensive

 The Great Debate used to be between playing CS 1.5 or jumping to 1.6, which required Steam. There were always the holdouts that insisted 1.5 was better and that it was the more “true” experience. Just look at this spirited conversation that I found on a forum from 2004:

Rexoz: I just downloaded Half life *latest one* which came with CS 1.5 i also download CS 1.6 but when i install them n i go on Internet Servers it comes up with ur HL.exe is out of date ……….What do i do i will very appreciate it plz

Smeagol: Why in the hell do you wonna play that old crap when the new CS 1.6 you can play for £9:99? It’s not that much dude.

Oh how times have changed. I’m pretty sure someone even released an unofficial CS 1.5 for Steam. I don’t think it really panned out. The argument was so simple! won vs Steam! Knife pointing down vs. knife pointing up!

And then Counter Strike: Source happened. It didn’t flat out kill 1.6. People were scared of the shiny new graphics, strange recoil patterns and slightly different hitboxes. Rounds played the same but everything felt different. Fast forward to now and people are still scared. CS: GO is somewhat of a middle ground between 1.6 and Source. If you are a diehard fan of either of those games this one might not convert you, but if you loved 1.6 and hated Source you might want to give this a shot.

It’s got everything you love, including a built in version of the popular gungame from 1.6. Instead of that floating feeling you get from moving around in CSS, it feels more like running through quicksand in Global Offensive just like it does in 1.6. In a good way. You’re still gonna get dominated until you find your go-to weapon. You’re still going to piss people off if you go on a streak with the shotgun. You’ll still be embarrassed if you get knifed. The cyber cafe might be gone, but there’s still good times to be had! For $3.74 no less. Verdict: Go go go.

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