Mars: War Logs

In Mars: War Logs you are a space marine stranded on Mars and a fiery Inferno awaits you on the Shores of Hell and your only way out is to wade Knee Deep in the Dead. But watch out! You don’t want to get Thy Flesh Consumed by zombie space marines, imps, and the terrifying cyber demon in this gritty, next-gen re-imagining of Doom. And now that I have your attention, let me elaborate.

Gone are the Demons and in are the stories of planet wide political intrigue. Rocket skeletons? No thanks. This fear is a little more plausible, and it comes in the form of an oppressive government. Now THAT’S what I call scary. But you can fight back! With a series of guns, clubs, and electricity spouting fingertips. Which you can upgrade. In third person. And it looks pretty damn good.

Let’s be honest. We all wondered what was on Mars at one point. Until they sent us those pictures and it was just really dusty and red. And honestly kind of boring. Well the Mars in Mars: War Hogs Dogs Logs is still pretty dusty but in a cyberpunk, post apocalyptic kind of way. Meaning that it is digitally dusty from being passed over by many people on the Steam digital shelf. And it’s not boring. It’s pretty cool.

Bakersfield, CA

The game is far from perfect. The voice acting isn’t great and combat can be a little clunky sometimes. But it’s an interesting addition to the genre and it’s currently on sale for only $3.74. You’ll get some hours out of this game if third person action RPGs are your thing. Verdict: Buy it.

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