The Void

The Void is weird hell. Which is not an entirely accurate statement because the game actually takes place in a purgatory/limbo type place called The Void. Descriptions of limbo are supposed to be “not so good, not so bad.” That’s not true in this game, though. Your time here is ticking away quickly. I’m pretty sure you can lose the whole game in like an hour. At least I did. It’s hard! But it’s also awesome.

The game looks as weird as it plays and the creepy music completes the atmosphere perfectly. I’m not really sure what it’s about. You’re dead but you don’t want to become…deader. You have these hearts you have to fill with color and if you run out of color you die, and you can plant these trees that give you color, but you also need this color to defend yourself and to move from one area to the next. The problem is, of course, there is not so much color to be had. Also there’s hot, depressed naked women writhing about inside of trees, they like color too.

Look I realize that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. This whole game is about figuring it out as you go along. It’s one of the most unique adventure games I’ve played. The world that exists is terrifying and depressing and it makes for an overall very strange experience. The whole adventure is surprisingly emotional if you let the world absorb you, even if you don’t beat it. And seriously, it is really difficult.

If you like surrealism, grey surroundings and greyer skyboxes, or just being depressed in general, you should buy this game. Even if you just try it once. It is currently only $0.99 until March 21st. Verdict: Buy it. 

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