Indie Game: The Movie: The Game

Indie Game: The Movie: The Game is an indie game based on the award-winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie. You can choose to play as Jonathan Blow, Team Meat, or Polytron, each an indie game dev with powers unique to their own particular game.
Game Features:

  • Alter time and space a la Braid to go back and get more programming done!
  • Use Fez’s power to change from 3d to 4d to code just like they do in the movie Hackers!
  • Use Super Meat Boy’s power to die a thousand painful deaths!
  • Battle self doubt, relationship problems, crippling deadlines, and other issues as you try and complete your game!
  • Over 200 achievements!

See that all sounds good. In theory. Unfortunately the gameplay devolves mostly into quick time events (QTEs) and full motion video (FMV). The tutorial alone goes on for an hour and a half at least- and you’re just sitting there watching, not even playing. To be honest with you I stopped once the credits started rolling. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I mean there’s more movie here than Max Payne 3 and MGS4 combined.

For this reason I can’t really recommend it. It stays a little too faithful to its source material. The whole point of playing a game is to play! It’s currently 75% off and only $2.49. Get it if you want. But you’d be better off just watching the movie itself on Netflix. Just use your parents’ account. Verdict: Skip it

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