Men of War: Assault Squad

Men of War: Assault Squad is a World War II RTS. This is a good thing, because you know right off the bat if this is something you would be interested in. These aren’t your fancy-pants space “marines,” I’ll tell you that much. These are MEN. Of WAR. And while we’re at it we can further classify these men as members of some type of Aggression Team. No, you won’t find any stimpacks here- just unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes to keep you going. That and old, icy coffee you’re drinking out of your buddy Pvt. Johnny’s tin cup which he no longer needs because he doesn’t have the hands to hold it anymore.

But this is war, and you don’t need hands. You need stones. Metaphorical stones, of course, symbolic of the will to dominate the enemy. Do you have them? You can blow up a tank with nothing but some kind armor-exploding rifle. I didn’t even know that existed. And then take refuge in the whole in the ground it just created. No seriously you can do that it’s pretty cool. Everything can explode in this game. Including your heart when you find out your sweetheart back home got tired of waiting and married your best friend. Why would you do it Joe? Why???

With nothing left to lose, you lead your assault squad with reckless abandon using the WASD keys (!!!). Oh yes, you can control units individually. Why settle for the convenience of clicking to order units around when you can get get waste deep in the muck yourself? I’ll tell you why, because you wouldn’t. Because you’re a Men of War.

Really what this comes down to is do you like to play tactical WWII RTS games. If you do then you should probably buy this game. It is currently 75% off and $3.74. You will get many hours for the money. But you’ll also take home some things you didn’t pay for. Like memories that just won’t go away. Or VD from that weekend in Paris. Anyways, if you don’t like these games this one ain’t gonna change your mind. Verdict: Buy it.

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