Racing Manager 2014

The picture above is the most action you will see in Racing Manager 2014. By far. But for many people that’s a good thing. Why go through the hassle- and let’s be honest, it’s a hassle- of playing a game where you race cars, thereby forcing you to do the racing yourself, when you can just as easily play a game where you manage them? It’s much less stressful. At least it would be if I knew what the hell any of the buttons did.

Manager games are all the rage these days, and you should probably hop on board if you want to stay hip. Is Racing Manager 2014 the game for you? Probably not. This game is about the same excitement level of NASCAR. Which is to say, the same excitement level of watching cars drive fast and turn left, while hoping something interesting happens. Only it never does. Ever. Towtruck Simulator 2015 is a better choice than this game. TOWTRUCK SIMULATOR. You know what sucks? Getting your car towed. It is terrible, it means you are probably stranded and you are about to spend lots of money on your unreliable car. Nobody likes getting their car towed. But this is better.

I would rather play a simulation of my own life in which I go to my actual job and actual customers hassle me and then I come home and sit immobile at my desk for several hours drinking Rolling Rock while hot dogs defrost in the sink. That sounds less painful than this game. There is no racing!!!! You are better off just playing The Sims and watching your sim play a racing game on their computer. Seriously, that is more interesting.

Racing Manager 2014 is currently 50% and $9.99 on Steam. Verdict: Skip it.

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