Fable – The Lost Chapters

Fable – The Lost Chapters is the latest by the man who brought us that crazy cube game, Peter Molyneux. Latest probably isn’t the right word. This game is as old as a fable itself. Am I right? No, I suppose not. Anyways, this game came out in 2005. And that’s pretty old. I remember really wanting to play the original release of Fable but I didn’t have an Xbox. Well now I can and you can too, nine years later.

Chances are, at some point, you have heard of this game or one of its sequels. And if you haven’t played any of them apparently this is the place to start. Some people like Fable 3 better and nobody likes Fable 2. It should probably be subject to personal taste, but this being the Interwebs, if you make the wrong choice you will be labeled a “poseur.” And really, nobody wants that. So why not start at the beginning?

Self Portrait

It’s an action RPG in which your moral choices are reflected on the visage of your player character. Much like real life, in which years of heavy drinking are probably reflected on my liver and my kidneys. At least I can’t see them!

The game is short, and that is one of the biggest problems people had. However, in this, the day of the daily deal, that is probably a good thing. Because we can get in and get out. Play it and leave. Hit it and quit it? Anyways, it will not stay on the backlog for long. Fable – The Lost Chapters is currently on sale for $1.49, and if you haven’t played any of the games yet it’s probably worth it. Verdict: Buy it.

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