Shadow Warrior

On sale today/this week is the Shadow Warrior remake. It’s brought to us from the fine studios that made Hard Reset. So at least we know they know how to make a wild and crazy FPS with an interesting color palette. This game, however, has blood by the buckets. As soon as your katana touches an enemy they explode into approximately 50 parts. Seriously, you might as well be using a Slap Chop. You are dicing people up so good you could fit them in the trunk of a Fiat.  The guns, however, turn them into more of a fine mist. Those are your two options.

Anyways, Shadow Warrior was always kind of like a more technically advanced ninja Nukem. You play Lo Wang (ha). The tagline for the original was “Who wants some Wang?” (haHA!).  I think that really still applies here, and you really have to look at yourself and ask that question before you can decide on buying this or not. Look I don’t know much about Asian cuisine. Is this a noodle joke? Is this a phallus joke? Is it both? Can you enlighten me?

Let me get that for you.

 Look, the game is fun. Real fun. But it’s also $9.99 even at 75% off. Sure, sure, you could be supporting a good developer and all that and you probably should. BUT, a Duke 3D Megaton Edition and original Shadow Warrior bundle is also on sale for $3.74! You can blow people away in the Build engine! It’s a tough call. You should buy Shadow Warrior 2013 at some point… but it will be there, waiting, and will be cheaper. Verdict: Skip it.

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