Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution you play a security guard named Jax. You have been entered into a tournament with the best fighters in the world, a tournament in which you must fight to the death. This tournament is called Mortal Kombat. Your background is as follows:

After failing to convince his superiors of the coming outworld menace, Jax begins to covertly prepare for future battle with Kahn’s minions. He outfits both arms with indestructible bionic implants. This is a war Jax is prepared to win.

Sounds pretty badass, right? WRONG. Well, kind of. Admittedly I came in to this game thinking I was going to be sprinting around punching peoples’ faces off. In actuality I was forced to use guns (!) even though I had metal arms. In fact the game encouraged me to sneak. Sneak. “Stealth is sometimes the best option,” the game says. I would rather just rip off someone else’s non-mechanical, fleshy arms and then beat them with it. Now that is a stat I would like to invest experience points in. At least you can still punch the ground to be a nuisance to people. Unfortunately you have to jump off a building to do it.

I’ve got to get to that noodle shop. Quietly.

The Director’s Cut of Deus Ex Human Revolution apparently changes some things for the better. For some people. One of these changes is that the boss fights have been “reworked.” You can now have an easier time defeating bosses using stealth and hacking. I’m sorry, but I thought I was roleplaying as someone with metal hands that would simply crush a computer terminal if I attempted to type on it. So that change doesn’t really benefit me. It also includes the DLC which has become a part of the story.

Human Revolution – The Director’s Cut is currently 75% off and $4.99. It’s not the game for me but it might be for you. Verdict: Skip it.

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