Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Robert Rodriguez presents: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, premiering this Spring on the new El Rey network. Well, maybe not. But this game is pretty close to a Rodriguez-style grindhouse Western. First of all you play as someone named Silas Greaves. A name that badass and absurdly ridiculous automatically lets us now this game is gonna be awesome. Example: the double barreled shotgun procured from the wall of the sheriff’s station is described as being able to cut a man in half. And it does, more or less.

That’s the thing about the old West. We may never know what it was really like, because no records of it exist and the exact timing of when this mythical “Wild Wild West” was are impossible to pin down. But we can make assumptions, and that is what this game does. We know that people chopped their trees with guns rather than saws because it was easier, and that the only women in town were saloon girls which was perfect because the only place worth visiting was the saloon anyways. It’s easier to fire pistols drunk. Trust me.

Basically in this game you just run through town blowing people away. Sometimes you go to jail. Then you get out of jail thanks to some kid named Billy and then you run around the dust blowing people away again. Unfortunately Silas spouts more of a running story then one liners but what can you do?

This town is now plenty big enough for the two of us.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger was a budget title when it was released which is good for us. It is currently 66% off and $5.09. The game is pretty short, and you’re basically paying a little less than a dollar an hour depending on how much you enjoy it. But it’s probably worth it, because of its sheer badassery. Verdict: Buy it.

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