Evoland is a short story of adventure video games evolution. And when they say short story, they mean short. Like two hours short. Also your character is pretty short. Also the buildings and the trees in the game are pretty short too. Basically everything about this game is short. It probably should have just been called Evo. Because that’s short for Evolution. You see where I’m going with this?

The concept of the game is pretty cool at least. You start the game in its most retro form and eventually unlock more modern features, and everything gets upgraded, including the graphics. That’s really all there is to it though. It’s basically the story of the growth of Zelda and Final Fantasy. If that sounds interesting enough for you to play or you want to roll around in your own nostalgia like some kind of filthy animal, well you just go ahead.

What I want is for somebody to take this concept and run with it. I want the linear weapon and enemy progression of Doom II on a grand, modern scale. Or does this exist already?

Evoland: A Short Story is currently on sale at 75% off for $2.49. That’s pretty cheap but at a price per hour standpoint it’s not that great of a deal. Verdict: Skip it.

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