Dino D-Day

1942. Hitler’s elite dinosaur Scalez Squadron (SS) led by General Sharptooth has nearly turned the tide of the war. It’s up to you, the allies, to quickly go back in time to bring back some Trexes to teach and hopefully combat the Nazi menace. Or something like that. Anyways Dino D Day is a team based multiplayer FPS somewhere in between Day of Defeat and TF2. Let’s just look at some pictures because they will do this game the most justice. Straight from steampowered itself.


Good men died in that war so that we might blog

So there you have it. If you are interested in the TRUE history of what happened in World War II…I recommend you start right here, on the shores of the Jurassic Front. It was the most successful reptilian assault since the Turtle Crusades of the 12th century. Now you can relive it…and perhaps even change the course of time itself.

You might be saying to yourself, “But this just looks like a worse version of Natural Selection.” And you would be right. Unfortunately this would also make you a communist, and a Nazi sympathizer. And quite frankly we don’t have room for your type here on the allied forces. You might feel better playing something a little more relaxing. I’m pretty sure Euro Truck Simulator is still on sale, you nancy.

Well, if there are dinosaurs and multiplayer involved AND the game is under $3 I don’t really see how you could go wrong here. You might only play it a few times but if you can convince a few of your buddies to buy it you will have a good time. Plus the devs fixed like a bunch of bugs and stuff. Verdict: Buy it.

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