Craft the World

World of Minecraft World: Terraria is the latest in the current craze of games in which you hit stuff and then build stuff. Lego simulators I guess you could say. I don’t know what to call them but they have really taken the world by storm. This game is Early Access™, meaning it is still in development. This is usually a turn off at Steam Daily Deal, not that there is anything wrong with the system but more that we are looking to get the best bang for the buck possible.

This game is pretty far along however, and the devs seem pretty inclined to keep adding content, up to two or three times a month. People also love it. It’s like a Dwarf Fortress-type game mixed with a whole lot of crafting and building and a dash of tower defense thrown in there for good measure. This all sounds fine and good at first glance…but there are a few issues, however. First of all just look at that smug bastard in the photo. Screw that guy. He’s laughing at me! At you! At all of us! Possibly for purchasing this game. Or for not purchasing it? I can’t be sure.

Why is it always dwarves? Because people like their beards? Don’t they know that elves are cooler? Legolas could have whooped Gimli if he wanted, nine times out of ten. Plus elven architecture is obviously more sophisticated.

I feel like Mr Driller doesn’t get enough credit

Look, you aside from the tower defense, this picture is pretty indicative of what this game is about and whether or not you’d be interested. Do you want to craft EVERYTHING in order to build yourself a 2d fortress to defend yourself against skeletons? Then you will love it. But $7.99 is a little much. And I don’t feel like crafting that much stuff anymore. It’s hard enough to craft metal in TF2. Verdict: Skip it.

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