Frozen Synapse Free Weekend

If there’s one thing we can get behind here at Steam Daily Deal it’s free weekends. Because the weekend is the time for all of us to close the curtains and seal ourselves off from the harsh rays of the sun and the even harsher realities of an unforgiving public. Sometimes all a man needs is the cold embrace of his Fractal Arc Mini and the whispers of a 120mm CPU fan to keep him company. And speaking of cold, here we are with Frozen Synapse, on a free weekend!

Frozen Synapse is a minimalist tactical turn based strategy shooter, or a MTTBSS. Don’t worry, I just made that up. But that’s really the best way to describe the game. It might seem pretty confusing, and it kind of is, until you get the hang of it that is. At least in multiplayer they tell you what your opponents’ win/loss records are so you know just how dominated you are going to get. There are many different game modes but the general idea is, like any tactical shooter, to stay under cover while flanking your opponent. I ain’t much of a thinker so twitch-based FPS is more my forte but this game is relatively approachable.

I thought everyone agreed on Red vs. Blue.

The soundtrack is really good and there is a hell of a lot of replayability here. There are also some interesting features like YouTube integration and uploading as well as Twitter and Facebook if that’s your thing. But the real draw here is the gameplay: with infinite randomized levels and a bunch of different game modes you can mess around with this one for a while. Verdict: Free Weekend, download it, you cheapskate.

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