Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

Well at least you know what you’re getting when you look at the banner for Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars. The title alone should sum it up, but then we got this generic knight guy looking dirty because nobody owns a shower in the fantasy realm. Although I guess that’s probably accurate. Here’s what we know so far: it’s a fantasy game, it’s in the morning, and there is a war going on, presumably between kingdoms. No false promises here. But it they really wanted to be clear they should have called it Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom MMORTS. That way there would have been even less confusion.

Basically this game is like Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings. But then again what siege based RTS isn’t? A day may come when the courage of men fails… but it is not this day. If you decide to play human instead of orc or elf, that is. So how does this game work? Ideally, your arrows will blot out the sun, thereby forcing your enemy to fight in the shade. This being a “dawn” of fantasy, they will then be at a severe disadvantage. After you accomplish this, at my signal, unleash hell. Pretty soon you’ll be telling the enemy You Shall Not Pass. Know what I mean? 

The game plays similar to the Total War series…with a twist. There is a persistent economy and every once in awhile a genuine human can come siege your town or maybe you could siege somebody else’s town. It takes a few hours to really get your economy going which is kind of a bummer unless you really sit down and you’re in it for the long haul. It’s not quite a pick up and play type deal.

mmorts siege
“That still only counts as two” – Frodo, Lord of the Rings: Dawn of Fantasy

The battles are big and that’s cool, and the devs have continued to update the game for free. Apparently it used to be P2W but they changed it and it isn’t anymore. That’s cool I guess. It is currently on sale at 66% off for $5.09. If you feel like sinking a ton of hours into an MMORTS than this is probably the game for you. But the time investment might be too great for the reward. Verdict: Skip it.

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