Eador: Masters of the Broken World

Eador: Masters of the Broken World Free Content Update takes place on a world that has been shattered. Broken, if you will. More specifically it takes place on a lot of different broken worlds. That’s the gimmick. And the universe with all of it’s floating islands looks pretty cool. The game itself is like a mixture of Civilization and Total War with a heaping helping of Heroes of Might and Magic.

The creatures that make up your armies are pretty awesome/cheesy just like HOMM. There are many headed hydras and griffins and if you ever wanted to attack someone with a unicorn, now you can. There are also random events that occur and the game keeps track of how you react to them…as a demigod, you can either be a jerk or a nice person and apparently there are 12 different endings you get based on these outcomes.

Explain that, Core-Accretion Theory of Planet Formation!

Basically each floating planet has it’s own semi-unique terrain and land for you to conquer. On the outside it looks like your standard 4x game and then once you get inside it shifts to the Total War/HOMM hybrid. In case you’re wondering, the enemy pictured is in fact indifferent. Which means he’s ripe for the destruction that you crave. You are an angry god, and it is the indifferent people who have angered you, like this joker over here. There is only one way to make yourself noticed, and that is complete and total destruction. That and a plague of locusts/the death of everyone’s firstborn son. Either way. Send the unicorn army! The nonbelievers will perish!

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is currently on sale for $4.99 at 75% off. The devs are still updating the game and it is apparently far less buggy than it was upon release. Also, according to the most recent update notes, there is now an angry tree man available.

Anyways, if HOMM In Space is your thing get into it. Verdict: Buy it.

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