Call of Duty

Call of Doody came out in 2003. And now here it is again, in the Activision Publisher Weekend. This thing came packaged with my Radeon 9600, no joke. It was free then and it is somehow $14.99 now. This is a terrible deal. Again, this game is 11 years old and it sold like 5 million copies back in the day according to sources which I refuse to post. And now it is 25% off? “What a load of Doody ™.” OK I’m done. Just kidding, I’m not even close.

This game was pretty good when it came out. It was real good. There might have been some kind of argument over which game was better, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault or this one.  It was a battle between which was better, the Normandy invasion of MOHAA or Stalingrad in COD. The answer was and probably still is Stalingrad. The game drops you right in “the middle of the doody” as it were and you don’t even get a weapon. You just run around like a crazy person. It was one of the more cinematic experiences of the time but it didn’t feel forced or contrived.

The campaign was enjoyable and praised for showcasing multiple different sides of the war, those being the Americans, the British, and the Russians. It was also big on iron sights. This is good or bad depending on how you feel about the feature but it certainly helped popularize them.

Spray and pray

 The multiplayer was really where it was at though. Unless you used the Russian machine gun thing, whatever it’s called, then everybody got really mad and said you were a n00b with two zeroes because that’s how people talked back then. If you killed people with the pistol it was considered as much of a shaming as getting knifed in Counter Strike. Good times. Anyways the game itself is good. But for $14.99 right now???? Come on Activision. What a load of doody. Verdict: Flush it.

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