Dream is an early access game on Steam where you play an inquisitive 25 year old named Howard. He has become obsessed with his dreams, and you will play both the dreams themselves and his waking life. More specifically they are lucid dreams, which is why you can control the actions that occur in them and I suppose also the reason that he walks so calmly through them. It looks super cool but it is still in the alpha phase. Two out of the three acts are available as are two of the game’s “nightmares.”

Gameplay consists mostly of wandering around dreamy landscapes and solving puzzles. But it also supports Oculus Rift. We contacted Oculus Rift with a demand for a free prototype. Although there has been no response, I have watched enough Oculus Rift reaction videos to basically know how it works. In order to get the full effect of the Dream experience I wanted to go full virtual reality. Without the Oculus Rift I was forced to come up with an alternative solution (not endorsed and/or recommended).

Steps are as follows:

  1. Get six pack of Rolling Rock
  2. Get Advil PM
  3. Swallow pills by way of Rolling Rock
  4. Boot up Dream
  5. Put on blindfold
  6. Put on headphones
  7. 5gftr6h8i hjuimlllllllllllllllllln     .llllllllllllllllllllllllll.lm bnjughlyki…………………

Sorry, I dozed off for a few hours there. But I can tell you based on my alternative virtual reality experience that this game is pretty damn cool. But man those nightmares are horrifying!

 Dream is currently on sale for 50% off and it is $8.49. Again, the game is not finished and it is only in the alpha stage. The dev team seems pretty on top of it… but it did take almost two months for this last update. The game is certainly worth playing but the price is a little steep. Wait till it’s finished. Verdict: Skip it.

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