Desktop Dungeon

Desktop Dungeons is a roguelike designed to get you in and out in ten minutes, or so it claims. However the addictive gameplay is there to keep you around for much longer than that. “The perfect coffee-break game” is how they describe it. That seems fair. Ten minutes for a cup of coffee and a round of a game isn’t a bad way to manage your time. Probably better for you than a smoke break anyways.

This game has a reported 6 billion hours of gameplay (their words not mine) and at $7.49 that seems like a pretty good deal…if roguelikes are your thing. However if you are looking for a game to play for ten minutes and then get frustrated and quit I can offer you a different option. That’s right, I’m talking about Yoda Stories. It’s free basically everywhere on the internet and it’s like 3 mb. I’m pretty sure that crap came on a floppy back in the day. A drive, son.

Anyways Desktop Dungeons is one of those games where you die, a lot. But it doesn’t matter and it’s still fun. What is it with these games that are all based around the death of the player these days? Not so much that death is encouraged but rather that it is expected. Back when games were still being made based on an arcade mentality- when there were finite lives and continues- you had to keep your limited lives sacred. Now devs almost want you to die. Dark Souls, Hotline Miami, Super Meat Boy, Desktop Dungeons- games all revolving more or less around the player dying. What does it all mean?

luke skywalker yoda stories
This game will probably make you want to off yourself

Anyways back to Desktop Dungeons. The gameplay is fun and addicting but at 50% off, it’s still $7.49 and I think that’s a little steep. Verdict: Skip it.

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