Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Free Weekend

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a pretty clever title. See, it’s a play on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, because back in the day the call of duty was known as chivalry or something, and what was once modern warfare to them is now known to us as medieval warfare. Get it? War…war never changes. For the most part these famous words uttered to us by Hellboy ring true. On the battlefield, boys become men and men become legends, whether the tool is an M4A1 or a stick with a pointy piece of metal tied to the end of it. And this game is all about the battlefield.

Let’s watch some gameplay footage:

That was badass, and that’s pretty indicative of how the game actually is but with a lot more screaming and also gurgling. Yes, gurgling! You will bathe in blood of your enemies, and while unfortunately you cannot drink it to gain their battle prowess it still feels pretty satisfying. You choose between four classes but I feel like that didn’t matter as much as your choice of weapon. And all the weapons feel quite a bit different. Long swords, short swords, axes, flails, pikes. This game has it all.

After your choice, Chivalry basically turns into just running around on an open plain trying to hack people apart. Oh, and a fair amount of kicking. You can spend the whole match screaming “Have at you!” at your computer and it’s pretty entertaining. The key to kills is to play completely without honor, so if you see two people dueling you need to run in and stab them both while they aren’t paying attention. And forget the shield. Cowards use shields. It’s better to be brazen.

Anyways, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is currently on sale for 75% off and it is $6.24. This is a good deal but lucky for you you get to try before you buy. Free weekend until Sunday. Verdict: Free Weekend!!!!

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