Race the Sun

Race the Sun is the true sequel to the hit game Dark Souls. It is set far into the future and places you in the shoes of the brave knight Solaire of Astora. Solaire has long been praising said sun but apparently he decided now is the time to finally try and catch it, which is why he got this spaceship in the first place. At least this is as much information as I could possibly gather because in true Dark Souls fashion the story is more about picking up clues from the environment rather than having it shoved into your face by cutscenes.

The game is one of those endless runner-type games. I’m not sure what the genre is called exactly. So your only true opponent is your own reflexes and flight skills. That and a bunch of polygonal shapes that threaten to fall on you, or worse, stand completely stationary in your way and then you fly into it but it wasn’t anyone’s fault except for your own and you really can’t blame this inanimate object but it’s much easier to do that than it is your own incompetence but in the end it doesn’t really matter because you’re just going to try it again anyways. So yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Race the Sun is also procedurally generated so you can fly your ship in any direction and the world will build itself around your flight path. This is good and bad because luck is now involved. And unless you are Han Solo sooner or later flying your spaceship around a bunch of spiky triangles is going to get you killed. Repeatedly.

race the sun
Return to Anor Londo as Solaire Himself!

Although the graphics have inexplicably taken a few steps back from the original Dark Souls, Race the Sun still has its own simplistic charms. The gameplay is familiar but it is finely honed, much like a blade pounded out by Andre. The game is currently 66% off and $3.39. It might not cause you to lapse into a marathon gaming session but it will force you to play and replay it many times. Verdict: Buy it.

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