Killing Floor

Killing Floor is a game that probably should have been called Killing Fields if you ask me, I feel like you spend a lot of time in fields doing quite a bit of killing. In case you have never heard of this game, Killing Floor got its start as one of the first hat simulator extensions of TF2. Back in the day if you bought this game you got a mask for the pyro called the Foster’s Facade. This was a huge deal. Except now that thing is only worth 1 ref vintage! In case you don’t follow TF2 trading that means it’s worthless. And that’s absurd. Also the pyro is in it.

Let’s talk about what really matters. This game is totally badass. And the graphics, while they have aged poorly, somehow now add to the badass meter. Everything is all washed out and kind of blurry and when the blood starts to spatter everywhere you really feel like your in an old school horror movie. And that is a good thing. Even though the graphics have aged the gameplay has held up pretty well. Guns feel a little sluggish but on purpose, and you feel like you have to make every shot count against the zombie/demon/science-experiment-gone-wrong menace. And you do. Until you buy yourself a rocket launcher or a flamethrower than you just destroy everyone.

Gameplay works like those Warcraft 3/ Superhero mod Counter Strike servers from back in the day. Everyone starts on a level playing field and everyone is on the human team. You get money from killing things and then you can spend that money on weapons. These new weapons in turn help you kill things faster and easier, allowing you to further outfit yourself. It’s a vicious cycle that continues to reward the people that are doing better and punishes the people that are doing worse- as it becomes harder and harder to kill zombies with your crappy pistol.

If you see this guy, you’re already dead. 

It’s an addictive formula and everyone on the team needs to be on top of their game to make it to the last wave. The guns are fun and the enemies are varied- all the varieties require different strategies for handling them, like L4D’s special infected. Well, maybe not that different because you still just want to aim for the head. This is co op multiplayer at its finest, however, and completely worth the price of admission- $3.99, 80% off. Verdict: Buy it.

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