Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts Unlimited is a game that I thought was going to require some from of artistic skill and this was scary. Fortunately there is no drawing involved. Instead we must paint with words. Basically the gameplay is as simple and complex as you want it to be. You open up a prompt and anything you can think of and type in will get spawned in the game. Well, not anything, but a surprising amount of nouns. And adjectives! You can make a radioactive cthulhu. And then drag him around on a tow truck. You can make a sad zombie. The sad zombie is surprisingly depressing.

Most of the puzzles are pretty easy as long as you have an imagination. So I hope you still do. It’s really about coming up with the funniest solutions to common problems. If there is a fire, you could spawn a fire truck and put it out. Or a fire extinguisher. But the correct answer is to create a tidal wave that eliminates all traces, or possibly some kind of water monster. It’s pretty entertaining. The game really captures the feel of flipping through the best damn coloring book you’ve used since you were a kid…except you’re not coloring so much as creating a hilarious world. Unless you are some kind of heartless bastard this should be a good thing. The levels are all colorful and varied and you basically travel from place to place helping (or hurting) strangers with your magic pencil.

Sometimes the physics can get a little wonky, and sometimes (a lot of the time) things don’t quite work out the way you want them too. However, the disappointment quickly leads to joy because you just try something else even weirder that actually works. Seriously, whenever you come up with a really weird solution to one of the problems presented to you and the game actually lets you do it it’s strangely satisfying. Scribblenauts Unlimited really encourages you to game the system. And for the most part it is just a flat out good time.

Doctor Jones!

Scribblenauts Unlimited is currently on sale at 75% off for $4.99. This is probably worth it, because the game is unique and highly entertaining, and you don’t need to sink a ton of time into it to get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Verdict: Buy it.

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