Trials Fusion™ Trademark™

Trials Fusion Trademark is a game that should be boycotted by mothers everywhere. Stand up and let your voice be heard, people. This “computer game” as they call it is a bad influence on our children. The wild, physics-based, 2D racing isn’t the draw here. It’s the reckless abandon with which these “stunt x-men” fling their motorcycles and their bodies off of jumps. It’s a slippery slope. First our kids get the ideas in their heads that anything is possible- that they are indestructible. That they can simply just hit the “reset button” after they get a “game over” and they can just try it again. Too bad the game doesn’t teach that a “reset button” doesn’t exist in real life

He’s not gonna make it.
This is how it starts. The kids have fun and these “moto x crossers” become their heroes. Kids should be looking up to real heroes. Working professionals, like firemen and politicians. Instead they want to emulate the tricks that they see on the TV. This is what happened to little Billy last week. Little Billy built himself a ramp off the edge of his roof. And why wouldn’t he? The computer game never taught him otherwise. Well he put his feet on the pedals of his bike and he went off that ramp just as fast as he could. When he hit the ground the rest of the neighborhood kids scattered, terrified. His mother came home and what she saw in the middle of the street wasn’t little Billy anymore, it was a pile of blood, guts, and twisted metal. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.

This game is kind of like if you set up the most elaborate Hot Wheels obstacle course/track ever, only you don’t set it up so much as just drive the bike. Also there are physics involved. Lots of physics and lots of tricks. This is where most of the comedy comes from. You try and do tricks because you are supposed to and it ends up just destroying you. It’s definitely fun and pretty addicting, but the price is steep so we’re going to have to look at the pros and cons. The cons are: it’s only 25% off, there is a season pass with 6 DLCs, you have to use Uplay (or UPRAY it works as it’s known in the Steam reviews). Pros are: it’s pretty damn fun.

Trials Fusion Trademarkis currently on sale for $14.99. This is a little bit too expensive, but when it eventually goes on sale again for less money it will be worth checking out. Verdict: Skip it.

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