Steam Summer Sale Day 2 Extravaganza

Well, Day 1 has come and gone now we have a little bit of respite on day 2 of the Steam Summer sale because there aren’t really any out of this world crazy deals today. It’s not a fire sale. It’s not a pull the ripcord while pulling the trigger kind of a day. Which can be a nice change on the ol’ pocket book or it can be highly disappointing however you look at it. Like last time, let’s start with the process of elimination to narrow these game choices down.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition Xtreme Legends is obviously going to be pretty badass but at $24.99 it’s out of the running. In Bound by Flame you apparently play the role of a mercenary possessed by a fire demon tasked with melting seven Ice Lords. Now that’s a premise, but for 23.99 we’re better off melting seven Ice Cubes with a bottle of Wild Turkey. Plague Inc Evolved and Prison Architect are both early access games, granted the Prison Architect price is tempting but if it’s easy to avoid early access games that’s what we’re going to do.

That leads us to the finalists for Day 2: State of Decay, The Walking Dead Season Two, Game Dev Tycoon, RPG Maker VXAce and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was already skipped for the same price so we might as well skip that one again. Game Dev Tycoon and RPG Maker VXAce are both niche games. If you feel like making relatively bland, unironically pixelated RPGs than RPG Maker VXAce might be for you…however there’s a free version you can try out so you are better of with that if you’re on the fence. Skip. Game Dev Tycoon is a nice little casual game for those who want to experience the joys/pains of making games without actually having to make them. Instead, you are probably better off following individual game developers on Twitter, and seeing how they react to rabid “fans” who accuse them of ruining their favorite games. It’s much more accurate and it’s free.

That leaves us with State of Decay and The Walking Dead Season Two. Both of these are pretty good choices with a few easy outs. State of Decay is cheaper and possibly more content filled- but it’s not as good of a game. If you loved season one of Walking Dead you will love season two, if you didn’t, then you won’t and this won’t change your mind. State of Decay is like Project Zomboid, Day Z, and Dead Island all wrapped into one not-so-nice little package. If you’re looking to get into the new really popular genre of “scavenge for stuff and build a shelter to survive the zombie apocalypse” this is the place to start. If you have tried those games but didn’t enjoy them so much there isn’t a lot extra here to change your mind.

Verdict: 75% off State of Decay. Runner Up/Alternate: 50% off Walking Dead Season 2.

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