Steam Summer Sale Day 3 Extravaganza

Day 3 of the Steam Summer Sale is here. Or should we call it Day Z because of all these zombie games? Nah, we shouldn’t. It’s Day 3. I’d like to take a moment to warn against Drinking and Dealing. This can be advantageous or detrimental depending on how your budget goes. But the fact of the matter is, the longer the clock ticks on a sale game and the more beers you drink have a direct, mathematical relationship to the likelyhood of the purchase of a game. Benjamin Franklin once said “A man’s Steam daily deal purchases are on a sober man’s wishlist,” or something like that. The point is every purchase makes more since if you’ve had a few.

First we have the early access games: Project Zomboid (a funny word for zombie) 7 Days to Die (from zombies) and Wasteland 2, a zombified game and an OBVIOUS RIPOFF of the beloved Fallout games. So let’s take all three of these off the table. The eponymous Age of Empires II- a game almost everyone played on their piece of crap family computer that didn’t even have a dedicated graphics card wayyyy too long after it came out- can probably be skipped unless you’re really looking for some nostalgia. The HD tag the game has been given is a poor joke, much like those HD sunglasses from the infomercial that I bought that fail to make the real world any more high definition.

Just like that we have it narrowed down to five games: Contagion, Terraria, The Stanley Parable, Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition and Skyrim. These games are all pretty different from each other and the deals are pretty good. You can feel OK with paying any of these prices too, but the Stanley Parable deal could be a little bit better so let’s scratch that impulse buy. We have standards and 60% off isn’t cutting it right now. If you haven’t played Skyrim by now…well, this is a good price to give it a shot, but while fun, the game ultimately feels like you don’t have a real impact on the inhabitants of the world. You are also better off with just Dragon Age by itself rather than the Ultimate Edition. It’s also on sale at 75% off. Terraria is kind of sort of like a 2d Minecraft…but it’s only $1.99. Contagion is a more old-school zombie co-op experience what with zombies needing to be shot in the face in order to get taken down and what not. It’s like Zombie Panic mixed with L4D but ultimately it falls a little flat.

So we are left with three games: Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition, Skyrim, and Terraria. As far as content goes, if a big snowy open world is your thing now is the time to try it out.

Verdict: Skyrim. Runner Ups: Terraria/Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition.

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