Steam Summer Sale Day 5 Extravaganza

Steam Summer Sale Day 5 is a real looker. These are some pretty good deals all around, and it appears the open world zombie survival games have finally taken a seat in the back. With the exception of Nether- which isn’t zombies per say, but more mutants. Anyways. I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone to vote on the games that you would like to be featured during the Flash Sales. There are two reasons for this. The first being you have a better chance of being able to buy a game you like. But more importantly, the more you vote, the more you get trading cards. Don’t write these off. You can sell them for like fifty cents each and then buy yourself some cheap ass games!!!

This is gonna be real tricky to narrow these babies down. They are all good choices and they are all so cheap! This price for Arma III is pretty good for such a recent game, however it’s so much more money than the rest of the games that it’s going in the skip pile. Now you don’t have to feel bad about any of these other choices- they are all steep discounts for good games. But because Insurgency’s discount isn’t as good as the other games we are going to take that off the list as well.

So let’s break the finalists down into a few groups to better separate them:

The Ridiculous Games
Saints Row IV, Lego Movie the Videogame, Surgeon Simulator 2013. In Saints Row IV you play as the President of the U.S. of we don’t take kindly to your types coming around here, those types being filthy Communist illegal aliens. But illegal aliens from another planet. Who must be super punched. Lego Movie the Videogame continues the somewhat surprising run of critically and culturally successful Lego videogames but you are better off playing a different edition if you haven’t played them before- Batman or Star Wars or something along those lines. Surgeon Simulator is worth watching gameplay videos of at least, it’s hilarious.
Winner: Saints Row IV.

The Roguish Types
 Rogue Legacy, Faster Than Light. Both good options and interesting takes on the roguelike-like genre- get in, have some fun, die. Become reborn, see if you can survive for longer. What it comes down to is would you rather upgrade a spaceship or a castle? And would you rather be afflicted with engine failure or Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Rogue Legacy narrowly edges out FTL because of its slightly more rewarding gameplay along with its vaguely Ghosts and Goblins meets Castlevania vibe
Winner: Rogue Legacy.

The Serious Games
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, Nether. Nether was one of them early access games that actually got completed…but the player base is reportedly about 300 die hard players and everyone else just gets shot in the face when they spawn. Other than that, it’s like Day Z with mutants, kinda. Dark Souls is a phenomenal game that requires you to have a controller. But it is one of the most unique gaming experiences you can have these days. The only problem is the sequel came out so it might be kind of hard to find actual humans to help you fight bosses these days.
Winner: Dark Souls.

You can’t go wrong with any of these deals today. But Dark Souls is a game everyone should experience, especially at 75% off. Prepare to Die baby! Verdict: Dark Souls. Runners up: Saints Row IV/Rogue Legacy.

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