Steam Summer Sale Day 6 Extravaganza

We just keep rollin’ through the Summer Sale and here we are at Day 6. Hopefully your sanity and most of your wallet is in tact. The games are staying varied which is good for the most part, there appears to be a little something for everyone. I’m waiting for the day when every daily deal sale is a simulation “game.” Football Managers, Truck Simulators, Tractor Simulators. It’s an inevitability, like a hangover or death. All we can do is dread it. But for today we have a decent mix of games, but quite a few we can scratch right off the shopping list making the decision a little bit easier.

Murdered: Soul Suspect I begrudgingly remove, although it is an interest new IP with a pretty cool story and some interesting detective-based gameplay, the game is short and it is not a critical darling. It is also already 33% off after less than a month of being released. This all means that the price of this game is only going to continue to drop, so you might as well wait until it gets cheaper.

Blackguards was one of those Steam Early Access games that didn’t have the greatest release…notice a trend here? It is a turn-based RPG that is light on the RPG. Every encounter is a battle and you will lose. Balance is not something you will find here. Skip it.

Call of Doody: Ghosts should disappear right down the toilet where it belongs. And not only does the game suck it is also cheaper on Amazon anyways. Age of Wonders III is a really nice piece of fantasy 4X. It strikes a nice balance between strategy micromanaging and fantasy RPG. If that’s your thing and you have a few hundred hours to spare you can feel good about this purchase at 50% off but the price is a little steep compared to the other games here today.

Finalists for Steam Summer Sale Day 6: Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Metro: Last Light, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Torchlight II and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition. Any of these games will be a worthy purchase and the deals are all decent. Splinter Cell: Blacklist really has some nice stealth gameplay and interesting options to complete missions. But the story is god awful and we are nitpicking here so let’s drop it. Metro: Last Light is loved nearly unanimously, but the “complete edition” thing is kind of misleading. There’s really only one DLC included worth playing and a few extra weapons. It’s also $19.99 on Amazon too. Torchlight II’s hours of loot-based gameplay make up for it’s weird story and let’s be honest this game is basically just Diablo III but better. New Vegas is the best FPS RPG since Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and it’s not even close. It’s just frustrating that the standalone game is 75% off but the Ultimate Edition is only 66% off.

Winner: Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition. Runner up: Torchlight II. You could potentially spend hundreds of hours on these games- and the Fallout New Vegas DLC is actually DLC done right, not just a big fuck you to gamers. They are four varied, interesting campaigns. Come back, Obsidian! At their price points you can’t go wrong.

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