Steam Summer Sale Day 7 Extravaganza

Screw these flash sales, forcing me to check and recheck every eight hours to make sure I’m not missing any kind of amazing deal. Don’t they know I need at least 12 hours of sleep? Just kidding, I don’t sleep. Not when there is voting to be done. That’s the great thing about the Summer Sale. It’s the time of year when everyone should be spending all of their time outside (except for you, Australia, we know you’re all ass backwards down there on the bottom of the world) but the problem with that is that the sun is harsh and unforgiving on pasty complexions and if you go to the beach the odds of getting sand kicked in your face rise exponentially. Luckily now we have reasons to stay indoors, reasons that will last all Summer.

So here’s the spread. We can easily remove half of the games from this list. Kerbal Space Program is fun and all if you’re in engineering or physics in college but it’s in Early Access and a little pricey. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn was basically made because everybody hated the first Final Fantasy XIV, it’s actually good now but at the same time you have to pay monthly and it ain’t a daily deal if you’re paying every month. A 25% discount for Child of Light is pretty sad so screw that, it will go on sale for way cheaper during the next sale. The Banner Saga is a gorgeous game that was actually successfully Kickstarted. It’s like you’re really playing a Viking, non-furry version of Disney’s Robin Hood. But $12.49 isn’t selling it for me. The most egregious offender in this list is Valve’s own Counter Stike: Global Offensive. What a perfect name because this deal is globally offensive. As a Valve game this thing needs to be at least 75% off. Don’t get me wrong the game is pretty fun and it’s way better than that piece of crap CSS but 50% off??? Really??? Fuck that.

The finalists are all pretty legit and they really offer something for everyone again. Batman Arkham Origins suffered from a tough release and if you haven’t played any of these games you might be better off playing Arkham Asylum or Arkham City, they are also on sale but for only $4.99 so they might be a better choice. That leaves us with Company of Heroes 2, Endless Space Emperor Edition, and Bioshock Infinite. These are all decent options and the question you ask yourself is do you want a WW2 RTS (that might not be as good as the original), a space 4X game, or a triple A FPS title? Bioshock Infinite isn’t as bad as the haters say and it’s not as good as the lovers say but it’s definitely worth playing. The story is cool, the weapons aren’t so cool and it had a LOT more potential but it’s still really entertaining plus that Elizabeth is a fox. For this reason: Winner: Bioshock Infinite Alternates: Company of Heroes 2/ Endless Space.

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