ibb & obb

ibb & obb is a game that has been downloadable on consoles for awhile, and has just recently been released on Steam. It’s got the almost-completely-expected stylish flair that we have come to love in indie games. This time, the look of the game is reminiscent of some kind of minimalistic Oh the Places You’ll Go Dr. Seuss sequel that never happened. The mild color palette is so soft and the music so soothing that the whole experience was almost enough to put me to sleep. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to shrink yourself down and hop around the living room section of an IKEA, now’s your chance. 

People love this game. And I get why, it has a cute, funny art style and easy to get into gameplay. The music is nice. It’s definitely one of those games where you need a friend to fully appreciate it. The co-op aspect is similar to the co-op of Portal 2. Minus the portals and adding inverse gravity. ibb & obb was definitely built with two players in mind though, and in fact the double pack is only an extra dollar, which makes it a little bit easier. Unless you don’t have a friend that will play with you in which case you are basically screwed.

Anyways, I did manage to co-op this game and it’s all very nice and relaxing and fine but it’s a little bit boring. There’s nothing wrong with it specifically- basically ibb & obb uses a few concepts of physics in an interesting way like so many of its indie game brethren. In this case it’s jumping through holes in the ground so sometimes you fall up and sometimes you fall down, and  you have to use momentum to fly around obstacles and whatnot. And this is how you solve puzzles. But there’s not a whole lot more going on.

the problem is how do you decide who is on the bottom and who’s on the…nevermind

If you have a friend who you like to co-op platform with, split the $5.99 double pack deal, it’ll probably be worth it. Otherwise, wait for ibb & obb to go on sale for like a dollar because that’s definitely going to happen at some point. It was free on PSN one time. Free! So that’s the price comparison we’re looking at here. Verdict: Skip it.

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