Syberia II

Syberia I and Syberia II are pretty cool. And by cool I mean cold. Because they’re set in the ice cold world of some mystical snow land called Syberia. I always wondered about this game because it had the kind of hot, kind of weird looking woman on the box that kind of looked like a classy Lara Croft. Maybe it will look familiar to you too.

See what I mean? She has that weird 90s prerendered digital look that Lara Croft often had on two page spreads in Computer Gaming World back in the day. The USA Today calls it “…A Solid Pick.” Now that’s what I call a glowing review right there. A solid pick for what? Obviously not the Best Adventure Game of E3 because JustAdventure already made that declaration and those guys LOVE adventure, it says so in their name, they probably don’t even like Indiana Jones because there is too much Action mixed in with their Adventure so I  think we should trust their review.

Basically, you wander around a frigid Winterland pointing and clicking your way onto a train, and then off of a train, and then some other stuff happens, and you get to live with penguins for awhile and ride on top of a woolly mammoth at which point you get to spar with a bunch of sabretooth tigers jumping and biting all over the place just like that scene where the the T Rex fights the raptors in the museum in Jurassic Park. FYI/Spoiler Alert: Some of that stuff might not be true, I can’t really remember.

The biggest complaints people have with this game are that the puzzles are either too easy or too hard, which is probably true and the biggest problem with any kind of point and click adventure game. The other complaint is that it’s unrealistic. Which is probably the worst possible complaint about a FANTASY GAME. There’s no penguins in the arctic you say? Yeah well there’s also no woolly mammoths. And there sure as hell isn’t a half goat half seal creature. Another reviewer complained simply that it was physically impossible for a robot to operate using only a heart. Welp, you got me there. Sorry, Syberia II. I guess the fact that your name is spelled a different way is really just a typo and not an indication that this is a fictional location.

That bed was made for boning

Anyways, if you love point and click adventure games you might as well try Syberia II, or possibly Syberia I. The sequel is in fact a sequel but there is a nice recap of the first game so playing through the first isn’t required. The game looks and feels surreal and the story is pretty interesting. It’s also only 99 cents so you won’t be breaking the bank. 99 cents! If you don’t like point and click adventure games then Syberia II will probably not change your mind. Verdict: Buy it.

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