Verdun 1914-1918

There’s nothing funny about war. Especially one of the most bloody conflicts in modern history. The Great War. World War I. Or as Americans called it the European War. On the eve of the 100 year anniversary of such an occasion, we have Verdun, a game in which you can play as a World War I soldier. People have been clamoring about for a World War I video game since all anybody released were WWII FPSs. They screamed that there was an oversaturation of WWII games and there were plenty of other wars to choose from so why not try the first one?

I’ll tell you why because World War I was not meant for video games. I’m not a tactician or a historian or really even much of an enthusiast but a combination of history classes, hundreds of hours of various Civilization games, and a bottle of whiskey will allow me to explain the brief history of modern warfare. For awhile, everybody lined up all orderly and then sort of ran at each other. Pointy sticks were the weapon of choice. Then someone invented guns but we didn’t know how to use them the right way, so everybody kept lining up but this time they would shoot each other. Then World War I happened and people kept lining up until some French guy was like “Fuck this, I’m digging a hole,” and then everyone else started digging a hole, and basically everybody just sat in a big hole staring at each other until they exploded or died from mustard gas. Also everyone had athlete’s foot. So if you feel like sitting in a hole waiting for your own death come on down to my basement- er, Verdun, a World War I game.

For a more accurate depiction, watch this short documentary entitled Benny Hill in the Trenches.

Anyways Verdun promises to have all the excitement that a war can have in which both sides agree to stop fighting and play soccer over Christmas break. If you somehow haven’t heard of that story well go ahead and Wikipedia it because it’s true. OK fine I’ll do it for you:

Soldiers asleep from pure boredom

Anyways, Verdun is an Early Release Game and it’s currently 66% off and $6.45. If you have a large interest in World War I and have always wondered what it would be like to be on the front lines go ahead and give it a shot. It’s one of those games where people have 200 hours in it and say “not recommended.” Verdict: Skip it.

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