Red Faction Guerilla

In Red Faction Gorilla you play some kind of communist gorilla from Mars, or going to Mars, or you want to liberate mars, or something, but either way you are a member of the proletariat and the power must be restored to the people. What’s the deal with these Red Faction games? I think back in the day they people liked them because everything exploded and buildings could be destroyed or something. The walls of oppression needed to be brought down, literally. With a hammer and a sickle. If this website wasn’t red flagged by the US Government it definitely is now.
Anyways, Red Faction Gorillaz eschews the whole FPS vibe for the popular open world third person go anywhere do anything type game. Why would they do it? Just Cause. I’ll be honest with you this game is not quite as zany as Just Cause 2 but it’s still pretty close. I mean a gorilla in a spacesuit? Who feels very strongly about the tenets of social Marxism? Now I’ve heard everything. Except they don’t even need a spacesuit so who knows. Anyways I got this game in a humble bundle back in the day and it’s pretty fun to mess around with even if the beginning is a little bit on the boring side. 
Those Mars summers are Red Hot
Once it gets going though, let me paint a little picture for you. Basically any building you see you can explode. Also you’re on Mars. So essentially you are Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall except the atmosphere doesn’t make you go all bug eyed and crazy. Which is actually probably a bad thing. Also you can breathe outside. So you just run/drive around and blow the hell out of everything. 
If you are a big fan of open world shooters where you can come up with multiple entertaining ways of dispatching the enemy, Red Faction Grrrilla is a good entry in the genre. If you like your Science Fiction with less science and more action this is also a good example. It’s not the best but it’s pretty damn entertaining and most importantly it’s only $1.99 and it’s definitely worth that price if you like open world third person shooters. Verdict: Buy it.

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