DC Universe™ Online Free-To-Play. Your Way.®

DC Universe™ Online Free-To-Play. Your Way.® Uh oh. Usually that’s the sign of bad things to come…especially if it’s a free to play Steam Daily Deal that costs $2.49. So it’s a free to play MMO after a nominal fee? Upon closer inspection it is in fact free it’s just the DLC that costs money. The way it works is if you pay the $14.99 monthly fee you get all the DLC and unlimited money to buy yourself things like cans of soda that help heal you or whatever. You also get more inventory slots and more character slots. That’s pretty par for the course for a free MMO and it’s actually not too gamebreaking. It’s not like you just pay more money to become Superman, otherwise you have to be Jimmy Olsen. So that’s nice.

If you like DC comics than this is a good way to get your fix, after all it is free. But lets be honest, apart from Batman DC hasn’t aged quite as well in popular culture as Marvel has. Of course everyone has their alliances…but the Justice League is so much worse than the Avengers. Aquaman has been a running joke for years! he had a harpoon hand one time to make him look tougher. That’s ridiculous! Marvel has Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, the X Team, The Punisher. They’re totally stacked. Green Lantern is afraid of the color yellow. What the hell kind of a weakness is that.

 On the bright side, you can create your own characters and you get to help out the heroes that you like. In other news, let’s take a moment to look at the worst written review for a comic book game ever, brought to us by Playstation Official Magazine UK:

Artistically it’s a bit gaudy. [Feb 2014, p.87]

 Is that some kind of joke? The reviewer found the artistic style of a COMIC BOOK VIDEO GAME a bit gaudy? What an insightful opinion from an official Playstation Magazine ®™ . And now that that’s over, the game is actually free to play so you might as well try it if you are a diehard fan of DC or decent F2P MMOs. If these aren’t your thing, skip it. Verdict: It’s free.

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