StarForge is an Early Access Game that also got Indie Go Go’d. They got like $150,000 off the campaign and everybody quit their jobs to work on the game. It’s the dream! Of course, according to forum posts and reviews as well as online petitions for refunds, this game is a pipe dream at best and a nightmare at worst. What’s the deal with these early access game/crowdfunding scandals? I think with StarForge, there’s not so much a scam going on but a game that was perhaps too ambitious to be completed.

StarForge has been in development for a few years now and it’s officially in Beta. It is a sandbox style world building planet exploration game. Apparently there was supposed to be space exploration but that’s probably never going to happen. Gameplay consists mostly of exploring a procedurally generated world and shooting zerg, and also building a house. You can also dig. That’s about it. It’s kind of like Minecraft on a strange planet. Most of the servers are dead, or there are only 3-4 people in them at a time. There is a single player mode as well. If this sounds like your cup of tea go ahead and check it out, but it looks like it will probably not get finished. But some people are staunch defenders of the game. There also used to be an asking price of $75 which is just silly.

This is the problem with Early Access Games. Devs don’t ever have to make good on all their promises, and progress on the game can be slow. Updates on this game have become monthly and communication from the devs has become better than it was. The problem is nobody knows what kind of game StarForge is even going to become anymore. It started as a Survival/Exploration sandbox game and then started leaning towards PvP but the community can’t decide what it wants and neither can the devs! So best case scenario it will eventually be a combination of both but who knows?

Turok 2 looks pretty good

If you don`t mind playing an unfinished sandbox game with no end in sight than go ahead and try StarForge. Otherwise you’re better off just waiting to see what happens with the game. In summary: fuck early access games. Verdict: Skip it.

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