Disney’s Math Quest with Aladdin

Steam Daily Deal today is CANCELED because of the sudden death of Robin Williams. You may remember Robin Williams as the monkey man from Jumanji or the clown doctor from Patchy McAdams or maybe even the crossdressing transgender rights advocate Mrs. Doubtfire. Maybe you somehow missed all of those movies but odds are if you have a soul you saw Aladdin at some point. He was the genie. And the only game he ever lent his voice to was Disney’s Aladdin Math Quest, which is not actually on sale on Steam. Apparently he was also a gamer, he told Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel or whoever he enjoyed getting pwnt in Call of Duty by ten year olds. He also named his daughter Zelda.  

So here’s to that crazy genie with all the silly accents. I attempted to play the Russian version of this game but it crashes on Windows 8 so the only other option was to watch a series of Let’s Play videos. Some of which were recorded by an actual camera several feet away from the CRT monitor, in the dark. That should give a kind of indication as to the popularity of this game. Although it can still be purchased on Amazon. I will say there is a surprising amount of recorded dialogue and it’s pretty impressive they got Rob-Will to do the voiceover work at the height of his powers. Although it’s Disney so he probably made one billion dollars.

Yep, it’s Aladdin alright. I can tell by the hole in the pants. Speaking of which, it’s really apparent that Aladdin’s pants look like a giant sack. Inappropriate.

Anyways, the game is your standard point and click adventure and there’s not a whole lot of actual math involved. It’s mostly just learning how to count. For that reason I recommend playing it while so drunk that your brain has reverted to being six years old. I think I could count when I was six. How much would this game have actually helped? If nothing else it definitely would have made me try and eat some bugs I’ll tell you that much. But the animation and art and voice acting are all top notch. If you have small children or you are retarded, you might get a lot of value out of this game.

Verdict: RIP Genie

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