Jazzpunk is a comedic stylish first person adventure type game. You are a spy in Russia or something and you have to infiltrate buildings and probably women, then make off with the goods. It looks really good, it’s a combination of voxel-type graphics, crazy skyboxes and cool environments. This is the definition of a stylish indie game. It’s even got good graphic design and easy to read yet good looking fonts! How about that!

Gameplay is really easy but pretty funny. It’s less about winning and more about exploring the environments and enjoying the funny jokes. The writing is consistently inane and funny. It’s supposed to make fun of spy films from the 60s. And it does. There are also some easter eggs in there, like when you get hurt the indicator is the same as the one from Goldeneye for the N64. Actually this whole game has the color scheme of an N64 game like Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, the greatest game ever created. Anyways, you basically just run around and mess with stuff until funny things happen. And they will happen. You can pick gum off of the underside of a table and eat it. Comedy gold! There are also lots of puns about video games and computers. Take a byte out of crime.

It reminds me a lot of Gravity Bone and if you haven’t played it yet you should definitely check it out here, it’s free. Same concept, slightly different executions. Both absurd looks at spy movies with funny technology, huge computers, and men in coats. Jazzpunk and Gravity Bone even share a similar visual style, although Gravity Bone is more boxy. Voxely? I don’t know. It is also only like 20 minutes long though.

The biggest issue with Jazzpunk is its length to price ratio. It’s only about 4 hours long and its currently $5.09. That’s more than a dollar an hour. There are a few massage places in Koreatown that charge less than that. However, the game is hysterical and really well done. It’s better than paying $12 for a movie in the movie theater though. If it was $2.50 it would be a must buy. But even at $5.09 you will get quite a few laughs out of it and it’s probably worth it. Verdict: Buy it.

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