Bully: Scholarship Edition

I tried to come up with something to say to describe Bully. But why would I describe it when the greatest rock band of all time can describe it for me? That’s right, I’m talking about Third Eye Blind, or their street name, 3EB. The hit song “Wounded,” is a heartfelt ballad about someone who got punched in the face. So step back from that ledge my friend, cause here it is.

Back down the Bully to the back of the bus
Cause it’s time for them to be scared of us

Remember everyone in high school? Yeah, they all sucked. But now you can be the cool kid in a video game so you don’t have to lose your mind in real life! That’s great. Basically Bully plays like GTA if there were no cars, and also no killing. You are essentially a teenage Bart Simpson, complete with slingshot. So you can pick fights with bullies or you can become one yourself and stuff people into lockers and things of that sort.

If high school related media causes PTSD than this might help you get over it, or it might actually piss you off even more, who knows? Anyways, Rockstar usually makes pretty good games. This one was when they were into making weird stuff like Manhunt. Also you get to play as a ginger. So potential for bullying would have been even higher. The biggest problem is that you have to go class. You can ditch the classes but then you get in trouble if you get caught. This is stressing me out already.

As Bart Simpson said, “Eat my pants”

Bully is currently 75% off for $3.74. This is a pretty good deal, if you like GTA style games then there is plenty of enjoyment to be had here. Plus you don’t have to somehow pull off the ridiculous feat of a 10 minute mile. If you don’t want to relive the horrors of high school then you should probably skip it. Verdict: Buy it.

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