Zombie Driver HD

Zombie Driver HD is just the latest in a series of the current zombie apocalypse games.  Some of them make you force feed rotten bananas to half naked people (Day Z) and some of them make you save hippies while turning the streets red with your tires. This one is the latter.

Zombie Driver HD is a thematically confusing game. It looks like it should be hilarious and that it should be completely over the top but it only goes about halfway there before coming right back down to sanity. Luckily, even when the game is trying to be serious it is still absurd and hilarious. So they are either geniuses or idiots but either way the game ends up being hilarious. Just watch the intro video. There is no sound and no words or anything but it explains the plot of the game. You play a man who jumps in a taxi and drives around running zombies over.

This game plays like a combination of the first two GTA games and maybe Twisted Metal with a little Crazy Taxi mixed in. It also gave me motion sickness, even though it is a top down game. How is this possible? I’m not sure, but points are definitely added for the fact that I vomited PBR all over my keyboard about 3 minutes into playing this beast. The controls are easy, basically it’s just drive, handbrake, and shoot. The zombies die quick and the only time it gets annoying is when you’re trying to kill the last straggler.
Why is the music such a downer though? It is really intense, dramatic, and depressing music that doesn’t fit with the game’s theme of being ridiculous. Which is what makes me so confused. Is this game supposed to be a joke like the title would imply? Or is it supposed to be taken seriously? I can’t tell. Maybe they didn’t even know. It’s like Tara Reid in Sharknado. Is she a genius or did she not even realize she was in a movie at all and she just thought it was real life and sharks were really attacking? Zombie Driver HD is kind of like that, it looks ridiculous and it sounds ridiculous but it might not be a joke.

Zombie Driver HD is currently on sale for $1.99. That’s 80% off. It’s pretty fun to mess around with but it’s mostly just average. It’s definitely not bad and it’s pretty funny, so if you can’t get enough of the zombie apocalypse go ahead and buy it. Otherwise Verdict: Skip it.

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