Terraria is a game that looks kind of like Minecraft, and it plays kind of like Minecraft, but also it’s in 2D. Also a lot of people will get upset if you tell them that Terraria is Minecraft in 2D, and some other people will tell you Minecraft is more complicated. The point is there are staunch supporters of both games. Rabid fans, if you will. Just take one look at YouTube. People love both these games. The difference is Minecraft isn’t on Steam yet. If you type ‘Minecraft’ into Steam search the first thing that comes up is 7 Days to Die, which must be what happens if you play that game for 7 days straight.

Anyways, Terraria allows you to build and build like Minecraft, although you only have to think in two dimensions so it’s probably a little bit easier. I never could figure out how to build anything cool with Legos that wasn’t just a big square. It was just too complex. But in 2D anything is possible. But the biggest difference between Terraria and Minecraft isn’t the building. It is the exploration. Exploring is certainly possible in Minecraft. But you can go in any direction in Terraria basically forever. Up, down, left, right, (hold A and press start) and you will find wildly different territories. Dig down under to a fiery Hell full of lava or become Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and find a city in the clouds. And then when you’re in that city in the clouds become best friends with Lando Calrissian, only to be betrayed by him in exchange for the safety of said Cloud City, and then eventually Lando will regain your trust by piloting your ship in a massive space battle surrounding the new, super Death Star. Then, you can party in the forest with teddy bears.

It’s like if you mixed freeform jazz and castlevania except not like that at all

Also, there’s fighting. Basically, if you like Minecraft then you would probably like this game. If you hate the idea of crafting then Terraria will probably not change your mind. But if you are scared of crafting and building and pixels, but at the same time you like exploration, it might actually bring you over to the dark side. Exploration in 2D can be fun too. Plus it’s cheap. Terraria is currently on sale for 80% off. It is $1.99. Verdict: Buy it.

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