Monaco has been the Steam Daily Deal before. But back then it was part of a free weekend. A free weekend is the best thing for a game like Monaco- you can play it for a few hours, get in and have some fun, and then never touch it again. Which is really indicative of what Monaco is: you get in, steal some stuff, get out, and then never look back. That’s not to say that there isn’t replay value in Monaco because there is. But it may or may not sink its hooks into you.

There are a few things that have changed from my last writeup but core gameplay remains unchanged. There have been two updates. One that introduces PvP called The Architect’s Patch, which is the Architect from the Matrix movies. The other update is called Monaco’s Final Campaign: Fin. We ca assume that Fin adds a new class to play as, a super smart, highly evolved, cybernetic dolphin that can survive on land through its use of bipedal robot legs. Also, the dolphin communicates with it’s mind because it lacks the vocal cords of a human. Also, Fin can travel through time, which can be advantageous in a heist situation. As you would probably imagine, Fin uses this ability to get more gold when other players are unable to. Some people will probably complain that Fin is overpowered, but he is so unanimously fun to play that he will never be nerfed.

It’s like trying to find the bathroom in a department store when you really have to pee

Anyways, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is currently on sale at 75% off for $3.74. It is best experience with friends, or online with strangers who you can totally dick over. Or possibly some combination of both. If you like frenetic, fast paced multiplayer action with an emphasis on stealth and/or sprinting around than you will most likely enjoy Monaco. If you hate teamwork and you would rather shoot than run, Monaco might not be for you. Verdict: Buy it.

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