Prototype 2/Prototype™

At what point is does a prototype become an alpha, or even a beta release? I guess that’s more of a question for the DayZ devs. We will probably never know. Anyways, Steam Daily Deal has been on hiatus because the headquarters had to move. Now HQ is located safely under a bridge near the Los Angeles River, powered mostly by a combination of a water wheel and a few makeshift solar panels cobbled together by old beer cans. So apologies for the delay. Today’s daily deal is either Protoype™ or Protoype 2, depending on your fancy.

Basically in Prototype you play as some combination of the thing from The Thing, Stretch Armstrong, and that guy from Akira. In other words you are a weird super organic tentacle monster but you also have a penchant for parkour, or as Americans called it for 1.5 years freerunning. The Prototype games are both open world games. Back in the day, we would have called them sandbox style, because that’s what we called post Grand Theft Auto III sandbox games. I think now sandbox refers to Minecraft-type games where it’s like you’re really playing in a sandbox. Who knows.

Prototype reminds me a little of Just Cause 2 only instead of the guns you have a big smashy arm. But, also like in Just Cause 2, you can grapple onto helicopters that are flying by and whip yourself all over the map with reckless abandon, and it gives you a pretty good feeling of being able to do whatever the hell you want. Your muscles have become all evolved from taking PEDs and HGH and you can stretch your arms really far, make yourself a nice shield, and turn them into big blades for chopping vegetables (and people). Also you can eat people by ripping them apart. It’s pretty cool I guess.

Bringin’ this helicopter down with no survivors

So which game do you get, Prototype™ or its trademark lacking sequel? Everyone likes the first one better. The controls got wonky in the second one and the level up system got way worse and dumbed down. That always happens. Gaining new abilities in the first Prototype is definitely better and that is way more fun. The sequel definitely has better graphics but it is also horribly optimized and has a massive memory leak so the game always crashes unless you remember to alt tab out and back. Also, the first Prototype is cheaper.

Basically if you like open world games where you can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting public, Protoype Trade Mark has a lot to offer in this category. Plus there is lots of brooding. Protoype is currently on sale for 75% off. It is $4.99. Verdict: Buy it.

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