Planetary Annihilation Official Launch

If only Planetary Annihilation wasn’t a digital game, then we could officially launch this thing right into the garbage. As is generally the case with Kickstarter and Early Access Games, people are upset. This keeps happening. Sure there are exceptions…like Wasteland 2. Bless you Obsidian. But Planetary Annihilation has mostly just pissed people off. In a different way, however. Generally, people get upset about Kickstarted games or Early Access Games remaining in Alpha or Beta states for too long. To combat this, the devs of Planetary Annihilation released their game in an unfinished state and just said, “Nah guys it’s done we swear. But don’t worry we’ll keep updating it.”

And of course people that backed the game or bought it early are all uppity about it and who can blame them. Planetary Annihilation started with good intentions. Its promises of massive planet on planet action seemed pretty cool but the execution doesn’t really work. Everything just feels like a massive Zerg rush until something crazy happens, like your planet randomly exploding from another planet flying into it. The singleplayer must be played on the Uber servers and there is no save system so if for some reason you are in a long campaign and you disconnect, that’s it, it’s over.

Maybe one day the concept will be more polished but it really seems to be issues in game design rather than just blah graphics, game breaking glitches and minor annoyances. Maybe they can unrelease it? Who knows. It’s definitely not the worst game and you might like it if you love Supreme Commander but that game is better than this one.

It looks more like a Lite Brite than an interplanetary RTS

Planetary Annihilation Official Launch is currently on sale for $14.99. That’s 50% off. This is a terrible deal. Maybe if it was like 3 bucks it would be fun to mess around with, so forget about it for a year and then check again. Verdict: Skip it.

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